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  • My Erotic Encounters with a Sex Doll

    If you have been working in the corporate world, then you must know that time is not always your best ally. This also applies to the so-busy men out there who are trying to make end meets, pay mortgage, or and are trying to cover all manner of bills. In every case, you’ll find that get into the dating scene can be quite problematic. I was busy all year round; working from Monday to Monday, with only a few hours breaks in between. Just as the adage goes; too much work makes John a dull boy-this saying is quite true in the real essence of the word.

    I knew I was working so hard chasing my dream, but life was getting pretty boring with each passing day. I had to do something, so I tried online dating but this didn’t work. It’s true I met some gorgeous women whom I only dated for a few months and everything got so damn boring. I was the kind of person who couldn’t receive call while on duty, and this is something that really pissed the ladies-you can guess what happened after not calling back. To cut the long story short, I had to find an alternative.



    One evening, after long day’s work that was spotted with a series of meeting, I was really tired. However, I longed to have someone whom I could talk to, hold, and fuck in order to get a great sleep. I entered my apartment and was terribly bored. And so, I decided to go for a drinking spree because the next day I was off duty.  After drinking a few bottles of beer, I realized that I was not lively and my psychological condition had not improved either. However, something caught my eye in the bar-at the far end corner there was a full size sex doll standing tall and amazingly beautiful.

    It hit me straight away that a sex doll will eventually solve my problem-and not long I had called the bar tender to inquire about pricing and everything, or where I could buy one. Luckily, the brother to the bar man was selling all manner of sex dolls. He gave me his bothers contacts and the next thing I knew I was ordering online for the sex doll.

    The next morning while I was still a sleep I heard the door bell ring and there was my package. I thanked the delivery man, and tipped him with a $50 bill. I was pretty excited and went straight into the bedroom to check my package. It would be demeaning to call this a package because when I inflated the doll, it stood tall, strikingly beautiful, with boobs that were elect, nipples pointed toward me, red mouth, a really gorgeous butts, and open mouth and anal opening.  You’re not a doll, I told her, you’re Angela, my beloved fuckable woman of choice.

    As I continued to observe Angela, the more my penis erected. I wish I had known this a long time ago. She was such a wonderful partner, and when I tried to do some fisting in her pussy, the sucking motion made me go crazy. I asked her “ Angela, where have you been for all this time?” I have been waiting for you. In fact, I remember stammering these words into her ears. She giggled, or did I hear it wrong. I’m a full grown up man and I can tell I was not crazy-but I heard her giggle, anyways.  I did some fisting for quite a while and undressed to see what how she could do the blow job.


    It was a blow job to perfection but I didn’t want any facial, so I decided to carry her to my bed and get some creampie. I was excited, I lay her down her back on the bed and before I knew it I was all over her. You can imagine the long days work, starvation, and noisy bosses, and now Angela was solving all these problems in a second. I kept rhythmically plumbing my waist while I told her my latest secrets-I can’t but say that it was terrific. Ever since, Angela has been my wonderful woman, we occasionally go out for a drink but most of the time she likes to be at home and wait for me to return from work.

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  • Gonzo Porn Actress Presentation : Teagan Presley

    There are literally thousands of porn stars out there, but only a few are exception in regard to performance-and Teagan Presley is one of them. This is not only because of her beauty but also stage performance that is shockingly amazing from whatever angle you look at it. As such, she has been able to rise through the ranks, and finally hit the jackpot with her sexual prowess. Hence while, she’s been winning innumerable accolades from her fans that have placed her atop gonzo porn actresses. She is a star, teacher, and guru of some sort, especially when it comes to exceptional anal sex performances, a force to reckon with in regard to hardcore gonzo porn, and a cumshot superstar in all ways.
    Teagan BlowjobTeagan is only but 31 years old is hot from whatever angle you might look at it. She is 152 cm tall, and weighs 46 kg, quite light and very flexible. She boast of showing viewers what it takes to reach the highest levels of orgasm, without necessarily using some pills or erection sprays. Her brown hair blends quite well with her skin tone, of which makes her quite camera friendly. She is the kind of actress that brings out the sensationalism without any kind of forceful movements, and her agility in regard to sex movements is second to none.

    Teagan is white, beautiful, but with a pretty strong sense of sensual enticement ability that will make anyone kill just to get her in action. This little cutie from the United States is what you need to prepare for hardcore sex. She is a perfectionist in all what she does, and will leave you satisfied in every sense. You only need to watch Teagan who has well over 82m views on her videos, and with quality pictures you can never by any means go wrong! If profile hits is anything to go by, this little miss has more than 2 million that can only be received from the top in the industry.

    Hardcore porn is what she likes most, with performances that will make you go crazy within seconds. She is a mystery that you will want to watch to the end, you will enjoy fetish play, ejaculation techniques, facials, cunnillingus, and anything in between. If you have been thinking of going to the next level and practice what you see, then Teagan is your girl of choice. Are you looking for gonzo that will turn you on and make your wildest dreams come true? then definitely this one offer more than you can take it.

    Teagan is also a sensation that will trigger happiness in the hidden corridors of sensualism and orgasm irrespective of whether you are 90 years or just 21 years old. As such, she has been able to do the best of gonzo that wire directly to your brain cells and hormones. You will never get enough of this audience proclaimed queen of sex art. Last but not least, she is highly ranked based on the fact that her HD videos offer watchers the Oomph to get started on any preferred sexual act.

    Teagan Presley Anal

    Cumshot is in-thing, and Teagan will hold your hand and take you through the entire process without necessarily losing focus on the most important steps. It is through her actions that you’re likely to get the best possible results on tricks and tips to get cumshot without necessarily straining. Her sex videos can be a thesaurus of some sort for those looking for fun, married couples, gay love relations, and even old fucky folks. You just need to get prepared and enjoy scenes and later, implement every single thing that you have learnt.

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  • Gonzo Porn Actress Presentation : Naomi Russell

    If you are a looking for a gonzo porn queen with exceptional qualities then Naomi Russell realize your fantasies. She is not your regular actress, but a formidable fuckable creature with outstanding abilities to realize you wildest fantasy. Naomi is known for her ecstasy, her ability to bring your dream true, watching her in action is definitely a show-stopper with innumerable spunky   moves that will definitely teach you a thing or two. In case you’re looking for a sleazy hardcore to get you prepared, then definitely she is top choice.  As such, you can never go wrong when you see her facial, blow job, cream pie, and hardcore movies.

    Naomi hails from Israel and is only but 33 years of age-her body fluidity is exception in regard to her outstanding performances. Her height of 170cm makes her stand out, her brown long hair is quite appealing, and to top up she is of white ethnicity. You can never want to miss a second to this sex-dance queen with her unique performances that shatters the mysteries that surround se goddesses. The fact that she has been in the industry for pretty long, makes her an experienced fuckaholic who knows how to do her thing.

    naomi-russellIn a nut shell Naomi Russell is the missing flavor in your sex recipe, and ideal choice for those who want to learn more from an experienced hand. She boasts of a number 1 pornstar hit ranking in Israel, number 4 in Asia, and 58, in the entire world! It can’t get better than this if you are looking for exceptional gonzo porn performance that will leave you drooling for the best actions there is in the industry.  In regard to total video views as the main character, she has been able to garner well over  300 million views, and with profile hits of more than 70 million you can expect nothing but the best in the industry.

    If you have been thinking of a bootylicious porn queen who has outstanding performance, then look no further! Naomi is definitely the best choice when it comes to threesome strategy that will blow your eye balls out of the socket. She is not only gifted, but  also knows how to perform at the best of her ability. In fact, if you are having a friend out there and have no idea on how to go for a threesome, then Naomi will definitely teach you the do’s and don’ts. You really do not have to worry about how to go about the threesome puzzle anymore.

    As a porn star with an enviable global hit ranking, Naomi Russell understands everything about facial. Have you ever tried one before? If not, watch this juicy queen in action and you will never regret your time. She outmaneuvers her opponents with such snake agility that only experienced performers can do or rather help. She is a perfectionist when it comes to non-penetrative sex with facial being the end mission. It’s all about giving the best for the best audience-she never disappoints!  

    Did someone just mention Creampie? If yes, you are the right place at the right time to watch creampie that works for sexy girls who like to fuck the hell out of your balls. Naomi is an artist who scientifically understands the very sensationalism the human body is able to achieve. She knows the preparation process, delivery mechanism, and how to top create creampie that will leave you going crazy. If you want to achieve the best, then you must learn from the best. It goes without saying that Naomi is quite an outstanding sex queen who demystifies everything to do about sex.

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  • Mistress Diaries: Cuckolding My Husband (pt1)

    It’s been a long journey with Kerry, my husband, ever since we got married 8 years ago. And just like any other couple, our sex life has had its ups and down. This is until I found out the true nature of sex, sexual stimulation, and of course, how to get the best results in regard to orgasm. I’ll try to share with you some of the things Ive learned over these years, and I hope you can apply them too in order to enjoy sex. Today, I’ll share with you almost everything I know about cuckolding and I’m sure you’ll like it.

    To begin with, cuckolding is all about teases, and the more senses you appeal the better is it for all of the parties involved. As a beginner, there are quite a number of things that you should do as a woman to mane every sex adventure a blast. For instance, if you are inexperienced in the art of cuckolding, make it a point to prepare adequately, and you can actually tell your cuckold to help you prepare to the date by helping you choose the best lingerie or something similar.

    I have also noticed that having your cuckold put on lotion, and so some massage on you can play a big trick. On the other side, you and your boyfriend should be quite busy trying to  kiss or even have sex on the couch or, just about anywhere that you have chosen is the best place for the party. As this happens, make it a point to talk about everything, a little exaggeration is always accepted. You can always say how the man is pretty big inside you, how you are feeling fantastic, and everything in this line. Of course with such talk you cuck will writhe with some kind of anger or jealousy that will further make you horny!

    Cuckold having sex

    You can as well try to rub your rear against his cock just to make him know what kind of stuff he’ll be missing.  As time progresses and your boy is well inside your body, you can go ahead and give your cuckold a handjob that is worthy every sweet sensational tingles. You can as well make him kneel down as you suck your boyfriend’s manhood, and thereafter give him a long kiss. And before the end of everything, make it a point that the two stand before you and compare them-of course, you should heap praise on your boyfriend.

    Cuckold BlowjobAs a beginner, you shouldn’t worry about having your boy cum in your mouth, neither should you worry about making him turn away and watch in the mirror your BF fuck you. It is equally important that you get him stand on the other side of the other side of the door, and have your boyfriend carry you up and fuck you as hard as possible while banging on the door. In this case, you will not only see to it that you get the best possible.  As a matter of fact, these are only but a few tips for beginners on cuckold, but I will also tell a little bit for those who want to go on the extreme things of cuckolding.

    I can attest to the fact that I have done everything in regard to basic strategies. However, when it comes to what some people might think as extreme, I’m yet to try all that comes with such BIG CUCKOLDING STRATEGIES.  For this reason, I will only give you a hint of what it takes and I know you will love it, too.

    If you really desire to try the big stuff, then you can go ahead with these two or three strategies. You can let your boyfriend cum in your mouth, and thereafter make it a point to give your husband a long kiss with the cum still in your mouth. Also, you can hold the head of your husband close to your belly while your boy delivers you a hardcore-fuck.  These are some of the best techniques and methods that you can actually use to get better results. Lastly, choose a great boyfriend who understands what it takes to get things done in perfection.

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  • Renting My Wife to Our Neighbor (pt.1)

    In many cases, your neighbor will cheat on his wife with you, or the other way round-you will cheat on your wife with a neighbor’s sweetheart. Of course, this can be pretty dangerous as you might end up being killed or something.  Cheating, as I know it, is very different from renting a wife. In as much as the latter is done without one party’s consent, the former is done with full knowledge of all parties involved. It is a friendly sacrifice made to a friend in need.

    I have never regretted renting my wife to our neighbor, and I bet this was the best thing that ever happened to me.  This is not because my neighbor is a little bit rich-but the guy was just terribly bad when it came to sex matters that he needed help. It’s a little bit funny how I ended up renting my wife for a whole week while Jane, his wife, was away on a business trip to Latin America. You know sometimes these things to do with corporate world can really get you fixed up; this where you are sent to foreign countries with so little love-making opportunities, while back at home you leave your man starving to death!

    First Steps

    As a matter of fact, leaving your husband in limbo is not the best thing you can do-but its life. Back to where I lost track; As I had stated before, renting my wife was not a bad idea at all.  I had never imagined it before, but what my neighbor had shared with me during his impromptu visits was really alarming. His wife Cathy, a bootylicious, young cutie of Asian origin, aged 28 years old, knew very little on how to whip a man to an extent that he goes crazy about her. It’s one of the reasons, Kevin (my neighbor) sort to find out how best to manage the relationship.

    In about 5 weeks or so of Kevin visits, I came to realize that he had a problem, too… He had asked me what I considered baby questions. For instance, he would ask me what the best position to fuck his wife is. He kept probing to know if it was possible to get the best orgasm from a blow job-that is if his wife accepts to do something like that. Also, he was quite inquisitive about everything about facial, and some similar that he had fantasized during his teenage years.  I was thinking about this man with his issues . And just like any other concerned neighbor, I could feel his frustration in his voice.

    One thing I came to realize from my encounter with this young man is that he had no idea about sex and sexuality. Furthermore, he was well school but his knowledge about things like anal sex, how to get the best creampie, and other related stuff was way beyond his ability to grasp. I had in mind, to be his teacher, mentor, and do everything in my power, to give him the best sex life.

    I had to begin by showing him some gonzo porn, and he could ask multiple questions that I sometimes thought he was kidding. However, based on his questions, I could deduce a sense of ignorance, reluctance, and sometimes, yearnings to experiment. Inside my mind I thought to myself, has this man never watched porn on the internet? How the hell was he able to enjoy sex when all he knows is only the basics that teens are taught in body health classes? I did not give up, the more he asked questions, the more I was ready to answer and provide relevant materials for him to use.

    Reactions and Progress….

    I would sometimes go ahead and ask if her wife liked it, was she resistant to some of the things I had told him to do, or was she very happy with the some of the tips he applied. The reactions were mixed-and while she liked some of the things she did, she was resistant to others. Nevertheless, it was progress that Kevin had an issue that was slowly but being steadily solved. It is pretty hard to solve some of the issues if you really do not understand the how, when, why, and what. If you go for sex therapy, you would suggestions or treatment that might not help-especially, if you are quite a conservative like Kevin and Cathy.

    I really liked being a good neighbor, one who is not only able to help in need but also in deed. As time went by, I was thinking of renting my wife to this folk. Hopefully, she would make him go crazy, My little pet, as I liked to call Carol, was way more experienced despite her working in the corporate world. She was a kind of open-minded person that liked to help too. However, in her work-hours she was a no non-sense boss with powers to hire and fire. At her work place, she was revered, feared, loved, and hated at the same time-she is one person that was liked so much and hated with equal measure.

    It is quite interesting how things can unfold and work in your favor, as Caro had caught us watching porn but she never gave a damn! This is one thing that really surprised Kevin, having known her for quite a while for her no-nonsense looks in her face. Believe it or not, looks are quite deceptive-it’s like when a priest gets caught humping a choir mistress or playing Asian jazz with altar boys. It can surprise the congregation and not the participants-and so was it with people who knew Carol from her official role as a corporate leader.

    While on one hand I was teaching Kevin how to be a great man in regard to sex, I was trying to see how I could approach Carol to help Kevin out. I need to be quite technical because it takes courage to ask your 7 year spouse for such a favor.

    To be continued….

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  • Gonzo Porn Actress Presentation : Sasha Rose

    Sasha Rose, 26 year old, also know known as Sacha Rose, is a cutie with inexplicable experience that blows viewers away.  In fact, watching this porn star perform will leave you drooling for more, one movie is not enough. She can best be described as sushi, one of the best in the industry. Raw yet with unnerving performance that catches viewers by the eyeballs. She is indisputably unmatched in splendor, a high profile actress with enormous following, and one who is able to depict the very essence of anal sex, blow job, a highly sensible starlet that is second to none.  Overall, she is a great performer, and quite experienced in terms of cock handling and anal sex intercourse.

    She is of white ethnicity, weighs about 52kg, and with a height of 152cm, what can you expect but perfection from this sex goddess. Her black hair blends well with the skin tone making her look prettier and even much sexier. If you have been thinking of highly fuckable women, then this one will transcend your wildest imaginations.  Her sex orgies is what makes her stand tall amongst others in the industry, her striking butts notwithstanding, either. If you are looking for some gonzo star, look no further.sasha-rose

    Sasha is at the peak of her career and know how well to do her thing better than you can imagine. In this case, age is only but a number that counts for nothing, while experience, sensation, and expertise is everything. She consistently over delivers showcasing her wriggling skills that make many slobber and groan like wild dogs. If you want to get the best of cumshot, blowjob, anal sex, look no further. There is nothing as important as getting a valuable movie that shows you the tricks and tips of what you need most -hot sex!

    Sasha Rose is a performer when it comes to blow job, and take note that this is not your regular cock holding and mouth insertion techniques.  She does not only showcase the wildest art of fellatio, but also knows how to stimulate the mysterious paths leading the prey into the hidden corners of sensationalism. If you are a man, it won’t take long before your spring is out. She brings out the very elements that dictate intimacy in an expert way, in every scene she takes part. You want it fast or slow, you get the best of views from Sasha.

    If you are into cum shots, then sushi will definitely be your teacher, advisor, and mentor. It is no joke that she likes it and wants it big and in a fun way-not the slow shots, but powerful jets that get her really happy. You really need to know how to hold your hard cock, shoot with precision of a target warrior, and get all praises. You will be watched in real-time bombardment and you will be praised for it.  Sasha teaches you how to build up momentum, increase volume, and finally perform like a super bowl star.  sasha-anal

    Anal sex is not all about an erect penis or anal lubes, but how it is performed ultimately determines whether you will enjoy it be red flagged. If you are thinking on the ABC’s of this unique art that has existed since time immemorial, then definitely you will always have a great time to learn from the experts. In a nut shell, Sasha will teach you what are some of the best positions, angle of elevation, and how to wriggle. Importantly, with her hardcore movies, you will learn more on sensitivity and sensationalism. Of course, you will know how to blend the two to get the best possible results.

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  • Gonzo Porn Actress Presentation : Asa Akira

    Asa Akira, one of the hottest gonzo porn star of all time is only aged 30. However, her experience traverses the very boundaries of leisure and takes to the highest possible levels of ecstasy. Also known as Tracy Han, this 30 year old from United States is nothing but crème de la crème of gonzo. It goes without saying that with well over 30 million hits on her profile, she stands as one of the best woman actress that the industry has ever seen. Akira, who also goes by the name Lee, is nothing short of hot-girl in town.  Actually, her video hits have been watched and downloaded more than 500 million times. You can’t expect anything less when you finally meet this queen of beauty.

    What about her fans

    If numbers is anything to go by, then this little cutie who is 157 cm tall with an average weight of 48kg is a show stopper. She has well over 73,000 fans, yes you read it right, more than 70,000 + 3000 fan base.  Just to be brief, this Asian cookie is a number 19 in regard global porn star hit ranking, in north America she stands at number 13, while in United states she boasts of being number 12.  This is not all because if evaluate this talented  goddess in regard to channels hit ranking you will be awed, if there is anything to surprise you at all.  Akira has a channel hit ranking of number 5 worldwide, a number 5 both North America and United States.

    Overall, this is an incredible achievement that can only be attained by the best in the industry. Importantly, this queen of sex, of Asian origin with glittering long black hair serves as one of the most recommended with over 800 videos to boot. Of course, with a little help from the video or contacting her in person you can learn a great deal of good stuff that will really make you respect sex and sexuality. Asa Akira Anal

    She is versatile when it comes to Anal sex and as anybody else you can experience the intense sensation and pleasure. In this case, no playing rough but actually taking is slowly step-by-step. And with lubricants you can actually achieve the best possible non-friction leisure at any given time. Of course, using lube in this case will always save you lots of trouble with skin scratches or anything similar. In every sense, slow movement is the in-thing that you should always strive to get.  As such, a fast movement is definitely a NO-NO.

    Hardcore sex is something that this little girl offers in abundance, and with the slapping and hard pushes you are only left wriggling for more of this kind of stuff. It is not crazy as some seem to imagine, but extreme sensation that only the focused men can get. You need to see how to hump like the crazy man at the market place- she is a star in her own class to say the least and must scream her lungs out!

    Akira’s blow job is simply amazing not only because of the way she wriggles her body but actually how she strategically holds the cock in place. It is amazing how oral tips can work on this one, perfecting every sensation to unimaginable levels that do not compromise on sweetness. Blow job preparation is a must-consider and of course, one needs to be clean. There are only but a few words that can adequately describe how Asa Akira has perfected this art and blended it with some kind of weird science.Asa Akira BBC Blowjob

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  • 10 Couples Sex Toys You Don’t Want to Miss

    There is a common misconception that sex toys are only for solo pleasures. But, the following products have changed the outlook of the sex toy market. The immense pleasure added to your sessions on using these toys will really surprise you. While some of you might be unsatisfied in your relationship just due to poor orgasm, try these toys before you blame your partner. Following are the 10 sex toys that could change your sexual life dramatically.

    1. WE-VIBE 4 PLUS
      Are you sad of being unable to satisfy your partner when you are away? Well, don’t worry; here is the best assistant to fill your absence. We-Vibe 4 Plus comes with We-Connect App which enables you to control the device from anywhere. So the next time when your wife texts that she is horny, don’t be sad that you might disappoint her.Its compact body design fits best to any human body. The device is designed in such a way as to stimulate G-spot and the Clitoris at the same time. It comes with a remote to control the intensity and mode. The device comes with a series of vibration modes which can take you to the heights of orgasm.We-Vibe is chargeable with USB-powered charging base which can be fully charged in 4 hours. We-Vibe comes with a storage case which helps to carry it easily. Yeah, go ahead and give your partner a We-orgasm.We-Vibe 4 Plus Pink
    1. LELO TARA
      Made of premium grade silicone which is skin-safe and hygienic, Leo Tara acts as the best assistant while having an intercourse or solo play. It is equipped with 6 ultra-powerful adjustable vibrating functions which could give you wide ranging sensations to choose from. Its 3.5 inch rotating G-spot stimulator is another feature that could make you stimulate faster.It is 100% waterproof. Want to try a session in your bathtub? Go ahead!  It can be fully charged in 1 hour and gives 2 hours of play. It comes with a satin drawstring bag and USB cable for charging. It also include 5ml  Lelo lubricant sample.Lelo Tara Couples Vibrator
    1. ZINI DEUX
      Zini Deux might look somewhat like an egg in the first appearance. Well, on hatching this egg you will find two chickens; one for the pussy and one for the cock. Zini Deux has two parts one is to be used on the penis and the other on the vagina. It comes with different intensities which can be adjusted according to your mood. When both the parts used together, could give you immense pleasure you can ever dream of.The sensual LED light which enables you to use it in darkness is another reason to choose it, if you love an intercourse at dark. The battery can be fully charged in 4 hours. It is easily washable with running water or a wet cloth.Zini Deux Couples Massager
      If you are afraid of premature ejaculation, make this the first on your next shopping list. The ring gives a pressure on the tip of your penis to make sure that you are in control of your ejaculation. It is made to help your penis to be hard and last longer. Also, the tingling ears trill her clitoris with immense pleasure. It comes with 2 vibration speeds and 3 patterns to choose from. The bullet ring can be removed for pinpoint stimulation
      With the best massage you could ever feel down there, Lelo’s IDA massager is the best massaging toy in the market. It rotates and vibrates inside the vagina while you are having an intercourse with her. With the silicone material that makes the contact smooth, both of you wouldn’t notice a mechanical presence while you have fun. It comes with eight stimulation modes in which two are motion sensitive.Lelo Ida Couples Vibrator
      It’s time to try some natural stuff to add pleasure to your sex routine.  Hot Rock Massage Rocks is a set of 9 pebbles with varied sizes. Heat the rocks if you love some hot play down there. It can also be used with massage oils or lubricants. Oh, are you thinking that you don’t know how to use it? Don’t worry; it comes with a user’s guide.Hot Rocks Massagers
      Ladies, do you think your man’s cock can’t fill your pussy completely? This gadget is going to be a real blessing in your relationship. Though it can’t do anything to make the penis grow larger, it aids in fitting your pussy well, so that you feel it tight and pleasurable.Jex Extender Penis Expander
      If you are tired of recharging your sex toys every now and then, try the Beauty Molly’s Cock Ring. It benefits men and women alike by stimulating the clitoris and limiting the blood flow to the penis, thereby increasing the play time. Made of silicone, the texture is so natural that you will enjoy each thrust. The product comes in a set of three rings with different sizes to match every man. It can be used with a lubricant to add more pleasure.Beauty Molly Cock Rings
      Being a waterproof toy, IMO Cock Ring will be a shark in your bathtub while you have your fun there. Its full silicone body makes you feel good in every moment you wear it. You can enjoy 7 different vibration sensations with easy to use One-button Operation. It has a playtime of 2 hours. Its curvy design makes it compact and easy to fit in the right position.Imo Cock Rings
    1. TIANI 24K
      Here comes the one for those who are looking for an elegant and luxurious sex life. Made with 24K gold, it is the most beautiful and Porsche product.  It’s designed to be small and compact. It works both on the clitoris and the G-spot. If you are thinking about a gift for the next wedding anniversary, this would be a nice choice.Lelo Tiani 24K Gold Couples Vibrator

    Now, sex is a playground: the more you play the healthier you are, the more toys you use, the more satisfied you are. So bag these toys to your collection, so that you have a relentless fun life.

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  • Double Penetration: Quick Guide and Tips

    Well! Why insert one, when you can handle three at a time? It would be a waste of resource. Double penetration is the art and practice of inserting more than one penis in a women’s body. Anus-Pussy, Pussy-Mouth and Mouth-Pussy are the usual combinations used widely. Double penetration has been popular since centuries because of its ability to satisfy like anything.  While it satisfy a women by working at multiple spots, the advantage of satisfying more than one cock at a time makes it the most popular group-sex position.

    Double Penetration Sex

    My first experiment with double penetration was at the age of 19. As a young girl, I was so curious and experimenting type. And my boyfriend had extreme tastes in sex. It was a rainy day when I went to meet him in his farmhouse. The moment he saw me, he pulled me into his arms to kiss me on my lips.

    That was so romantic! Then he gently covered my eyes with a piece of cloth. I felt so comfortable that I didn’t resist. He took me to his bedroom and threw me to his bed. He was so aggressive that he pulled his cock out and made me suck it deep. By this time I was so horny, that I lost control of myself. He removed my clothes with so much of aggression. He also started fondling my boobs.

    All of a sudden, I felt two more hands playing on my body. Though I wanted to speak up, his huge cock inside my mouth resisted me. Well! It must me one of his friends, I assumed. He dragged my legs and spread it wide. With my boyfriend’s cock still in my mouth, I felt a tightening feeling on my pussy.

    Yeah, he penetrated his dick in my pussy. I felt so surprised, my heartbeat rose all of a sudden. Now I could feel each thrust deep inside my pussy. Oh! I felt like heaven. After a few minutes, my boyfriend lay with me to insert his cock in my anus while the other man was still having his cock on my pussy. I have heard about double penetration before, but I never knew it would be this much satisfying.

    The whole session went on for about half an hour. By the time, the three of us were tired and both of them came in my mouth. At last he introduced me to his friend.  That was the first experiment, and we had also tried it with many of his friends. Yeah! My boyfriend is so liberal and open. Now let’s have a brief review of the techniques.

    1. Pussy-Anus: In this technique, the cocks are fitted into the pussy and anus simultaneously. This could be done by making the girl lay sideways. The males should also lay sideways: one boy facing the girl from her front to penetrate the pussy and the other male from the back to insert in her anus. While there are many other positions too, this is the popularly used position because of its simplicity.
      Double Penetration Sex 1
    2. Pussy-Mouth: In this technique, the pussy and the mouth is penetrated at the same time. This could be performed by lying down, standing or kneeling down.Double Penetration Sex pussy and Mouth
    3. Anus-Mouth: In this position, the mouth and the anus are penetrated at once. This could be done best by making the girl kneel down and penetrating at the anus from the back. The other man could make the girl suck with a standing position.Double Penetration Sex
      Well, having known this technique, it’s your turn to experiment it with your partner and his friends. And this could be even more interesting, if you try with strangers.
  • Sex
  • Fantasy : My Wife with Other Men

    A few years back, if you saw your wife having sex with someone else, what would your reaction be? I think you will yell at her and will leave her as soon as possible. But this is not the case these days. Many people fantasize watching their partner have sex with someone else. You can categorize this situation as a “threesome”, in which more than two people are involved.

    As a normal person, what urges someone to get fantasized by watching his/her partner having sex with someone else? Well, if you have the same question in your mind, don’t worry you will get the answer in a couple of minutes. Give this read a few minutes and you will be all clear about this situation.

    Wife sharing

    There are some people who like to watch their wife enjoying with someone else. They do it either by participating in the sex or watching it privately. Then there are some people who enjoy sharing their wife with others.


    One very usual situation in this is MFM, abbreviated as Male|Female|Male.  In this situation, one woman pleases two men. The involvement of 3rd person is what fantasizes the male partner.

    Love of two men

    There are lots of women who love to have sex with 2 men simultaneously, and this is one of the most common reasons why such situation takes place. There are a bundle of fun things which you can do with a triad and be loved by two men at the same time can be a real turn-on for a woman.

    Be open about it

    If you are open to your partner and have discussed your past sex stories with him/her, then there are chances that you would soon fantasize your partner with someone else. When you will discuss such things with your partner, he/she will desire to see you sexually aroused by someone else in front of himself so that he/she can see the peak level of you.


    “Cuckoldry” is the term used for those men who fantasize watching their wives with someone else. This term is discussed more in recent times as people are now more modern and open with their partners.


    In this era, almost every college boy has seen porn and has their mental approach excited up to the maximum level for sex. If the boys are used to such voyeuristic level in their normal life, then they will definitely have the desire to fantasize it in their married life. And this thing causes the arousal of such situations. Chris Ryan quoted in his column that “Many men told me my wife is the most beautiful woman in the world to me, I’d rather watch her having sex than some porn actress I don’t know.”

    More sperm production

    Christopher Ryan suggested that it is a biological effect that after watching his wife having sex with someone else, man is prompted to have harder and longer sex with this wife. He also researched that whenever he had an interview with such couple, the answer was that they enjoyed more from last time.


    One main factor of this situation is the bisexuality of husband. A bisexual man enjoys their wives having sex with some other man and they enjoy with that man too. There are plenty of people who are heterosexual and enjoy with other men too.

    Health issues

    Plenty of people has major physical issues due to which they are unable to have satisfied their wives and their sex desires. To fulfill the sex desire of their wives, they convince their wives to have sex with other persons.

    Female sex desire

    Sex capacity of females is much higher than that of males. According to a study, maximum male orgasms record is of 26 in a time period of one day; on the other hand, females have 60-65 in just an hour. A lot of people stated about the sexual capacity of their wives and it becomes very difficult for a husband to fulfill their sexual desire. So this factor also adds up to the situation of MFM.

    Financial support

    This can be a factor that a husband urges his wife to have sex with someone else and earn some extra for him. There are lots of people in the world who are living below poverty line, therefore their financial conditions force them to do so.

    Reassurance of your wife’s hotness

    After some years of marriage, husbands find their wives less interested and to assure that their wife is still hot, they urge her to have sex with someone else. This way they get the same feelings as it were on the first night.

    Summing Up

    There may be much more reasons for this situation to happen. Many people say that they want to see their wife happy; other will say that they think they couldn’t satisfy their wife so choose this option. Well, fantasies are fantasies, and they don’t need any explanation. What turns on a husband remains to turn on; you can’t do much in that.

    Male are less threatened by other males in sex, and both of them tried to satisfy the woman honestly. And there is no factor of jealously and competition among men in MFM. So the option of threesomes becomes more viable. There are also some husbands who love their wives so much that they forget their pleasure and try to please their wives with threesomes. It is all about fantasy. Man always looks for fantasy and is more visual oriented as well. A normal fantasy is the routine of wife sharing when a man caught his wife cheating on him.

    This is it, you have just read out some most common reasons of these situations. And I hope that now you will be able to understand that why some people fantasize watching their wife with someone else.